Quality LED Light Bars From Nox Lux


Why Our Products

Strategic Aesthetic Innovation Through Excellence In Design: A thorough understanding of materials, component design, production methodologies and precision finishing operations, makes Superior Dash Brand Accessories ideally suited to meet the product integrity standards of the OEM and aftermarket industries. Superior Dash manufactures an exciting range of automotive and motorcycle interior and exterior appliqués that are installed at Factories, Ports Processing Centers and Dealerships around the world.

Quality Unmatched

We offer factory accessories - This means that our products have to go through rigorous testing and retesting to meet national and international standards and laws. We design and develop under manufacturer exact specifications for quality and control. Our products are a factory direct installed option for many automobile manufacturers.

Superior Dash Products

What Sets Us Apart

While the processes for developing products are all basically the same, the companies behind them are not. Superior Dash has built a reputation based on our commitment to excellence. To us excellence means uncovering and developing evolving technology that delivers high-value solutions to our customers - whether they are the top car manufacturing companies or our retail customers. Reliable delivery and service, consistent product quality, and new distinctive technologies have set us apart from the competition. Allow us to develop a custom program created specifically for your special edition project requirements.